Ben Challum

There’s been very little snow this winter so this weeks cold temperatures and snowfall has been very welcome. And today, we had one of those rare winter days: when fine, cold, snowy-sunny weather falls on a weekend. No gales, good visibility, sun, powder snow and ice.

Ben Challum can be climbed from the A85 just north of Crianlariach. It was -2c when we set off from the layby and there was ice and fresh powdery snow in Glen Fillan. We got onto the open hill near Kirkton Farm. Once over the railway line the ascent is pretty straightforward, up south facing easy angled slopes. Higher up there was quite a lot of ice and some big snow drifts but nothing too arduous or technical.

The views from the summit ridge were wonderful. Snowy mountains in all directions lit by January sun. It was a day to linger on the summits and enjoy the view and the simple enjoyment that comes from walking on snow and ice in crampons. Hopefully there will be many more Saturdays as good as this this winter.

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