Practising Friction Fire

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Spent the afternoon in the woods today practicing friction fire using a bow drill. All went well to start with, got a good ember and blew it into flame using a tinder nest made of purple moor grass and bracken. Unfortunately my twigs didn’t catch and the fire died.

Thankfully I had put some charred horse shoe fungus in the tinder nest which, although the fire had died, were still burning away. I added some more horse shoe fungus and built up a really good ember then used some birch bark and a feather stick to get a flame going again.

With the fire established I used a tripod I’d made with dead standing willow and birch branches, bound together with a bracket stem. I suspended a pot of water from a pot hanger attached to the tripod and boiled up some water for a brew.

Happily the bow drill set worked a treat but I learnt that I should have prepared my tinder a bit better. I’ve found that purple moor grass and bracken needs some extra tinder to sustain and prolong the flame; for example with birch bark or a feather stick.

Need to keep practising.

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