460g Lightweight cook kit

Here’s a review on my lightweight cookit. It weighs 460 grams and includes:

Three days meths fuel in a small Nalgene bottle weighs 260g. So all in that’s 720g.

I have been using this kit for about a year and have come to really like it. The Stormin Stove System stove is made from a recycled can and weighs 9g. Burn time with 30ml of meths is 18min. A nice feature of the stove is that it’s spill proof. The super-absorbent wick material inside holds the fuel in. Even if you turn it upside down once full, no fuel comes out.

The stove comes free with the cone at a cost of £18. The cone is both a pot stand and windshield. The cone is made especially to fit the pot of your choice. The pot I use is an Alpkit Titanium MytiPot 900. It weighs 26g, holds 900ml and costs £29.

With a separate pot stand from minibulldesigns I can use a smaller pot from Alpkit (the MytiMug 650) with the Stormin Stove cone.

Both of my pots have a home made bail on them made from bicycle brake cables and electrical connectors. This allows me to use them on a camp fire with a pot hanger.

All the bits: the pots, the cone, the minibulldesigns pot stand, my plastic mug and the Stormin Stove Systems stove all nest inside each other nicely.

The benefits for me of this cook kit are that:

  • It is light and compact;
  • There’s not much that can break or go wrong with it;
  • The fuel is cheap; and,
  • You don’t end up accumulating lots of nearly empty gas canisters!

The drawback is that is that it’s slower that a gas stove, especially a jet boil. This doesn’t bother me too much though – ‘am quite content to wait a few minutes longer for my water to boil.

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