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Choose from a range of hiking trips, navigation courses and bushcraft courses.

Night Navigation Training

 We will be running night navigation training sessions on the following dates:

  • 17 February 2021

£35 per participant. Practicing night navigation really improves your navigation skills and builds confidence generally for hiking in poor visibility. We’ll meet up at the Dumyat car park in the Ochils, not far from Stirling. Start time is 6:30pm and we’ll finish 10pm. We’ll cover the following:

  • Contour interpretation
  • Pacing and Timing
  • Identifying linear and point features on the map to help you navigate
  • Navigation Strategy; e.g. using aiming off techniques, attack points and catching features
  • Relocation techniques
  • Kit and equipment top tips for night time travel
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Over the coming months we will be running the following National Navigation Award Courses:

  • 7 February 2021 – Gold NNA Assessment Course
  • 6-7 March 2021 – Silver NNA Course
  • 13-14 March 2021 – Bronze NNA Course
  • 21 March 2021 – NNAS Tutor Award Course
  • 3 April 2021 – NNAS Tutor Award Course

Tutor Award Course – Mugdock Country Park, Milngavie. The National Navigation Tutor Award prepares participants to teach National Navigation Award courses. The one day course introduces participants to a different teaching techniques and exercises as part of a structured and stepped approach to teaching navigation. The course provides guidance on how to structure and organise navigation courses. It also provides lots of information on useful navigation resources. Holding the NNA Tutor Award is a pre-requisate to running Bronze, Silver and Gold NNA Award courses. £60 per participant.

The Silver National Navigation Award is a two day course and develops your skills so that can navigate in open country using compass bearings and natural landforms. The course is ideal for participants who are confident in using a map to follow paths and tracks in lowland countryside terrain and want to learn how to navigate off path.   The course will cover:

  • Setting and following compass bearings across open ground
  • Using pacing to measure distance
  • Estimating the time needed for height gain
  • Using landforms like hills, ridges, spurs and valleys to navigate
  • Adopting appropriate strategies for navigating from one point to another, using techniques like aiming off and attack points.

The course sill take place in the Campsie Fells, in the Kilsyth hills on day one and Strathblane hills on day two. £75 per participant.

The Bronze National Navigation Award course is run over two days and provides an introduction to navigation skills. The course is aimed at beginners and is for all ages. The course will cover:

  • Identifying features and landforms in the landscape
  • Understanding and using maps with different scales and map symbols
  • Following linear features like paths and tracks using a map
  • Using a compass to set the map and find out where you are
  • Measuring distance and estimating time
  • Re-locating yourself if you don’t know where you are

Upon completing the course you’ll receive a formal qualification and certificate (SCQF level 4). £75 per participant.

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Introduction to Bushcraft Course

20 March 2020, £85 per participant. Want to learn some bushcraft skills like friction fire, making natural shelters, foraging for food or making natural cordage?Bushcraft is about thriving in wild places and developing a set of skills and knowledge help you do that; using natural resources to sustain you, feed you and keep you warm. Bushcraft helps you develop a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural environment. The more you learn the more satisfying it becomes.Typically a one day bushcraft course will cover:

  • Friction fire
  • Identifying and collecting natural tinders
  • Using quartz and steel to start a fire
  • Making char cloth
  • Cooking on fires and making and using pot-hangers
  • Natural Cordage
  • Knife skills
  • Making natural shelters
  • Learning how to leave no trace

Winston Lodge, Lanarkshire. £85 per person. Booking form.