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Silver Level National Navigation Award Course – 3-4 November 2018


This two day course in the Campsies and Kilsyth hills, north of Glasgow, develops your skills so that can navigate in open country using compass bearings and natural landforms. Upon completing the course you’ll receive a formal qualification and certificate. The course is a progression from the Bronze National Navigation Award and is ideal for participants who are confident in using a map to follow paths and tracks in lowland countryside terrain.  The course will cover:

  • Setting and following compass bearings across open ground
  • Using pacing to measure distance
  • Estimating the time needed for height gain
  • Using landforms like hills, ridges, spurs and valleys to navigate
  • Adopting appropriate strategies for navigating from one point to another, using techniques like aiming off and attack points.
  • Night Navigation

The course costs £65 per person. To book select the ‘Silver NNA Course’ in the booking form click here. For more information on the course please refer to these course outline below:

Silver National Navigation Award – 3-4 November 2018 Course Overview