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Aspen Outdoors is pleased to offer a bespoke system for managing Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions. The system has been designed for Licenced Organisations, Award Centres and AAPs. It is a custom zoho creator application and is available for anyone to use. Here’s what it can do:

  • It is a web based application
  • It has a mobile app so you can use it from your phone
  • The system can have multiple users
  • It manages information on Dofe Leaders, AAP Instructors, Dofe Participants, Supervisors and Assessors; for example, assessor numbers, qualifications and training, contact details, emergency contact details.
  • There is a ‘Quick entry’ participant data form for quickly uploading participant details for green forms. 
  • It tells you when Leader, supervisor qualifications have expired.
  • It manages information on AAP’s and contractual details like insurance, AAP licence, AALA licence.
  • It system organises participants, leaders, events and expeditions by licenced organisation, Award Centre and Dofe Group (e.g. Hillfoot Bronze Programme 2020). 
  • It manages expedition and event information and produces reports in a variety of formats –
    • Calendar format with colour coded expedition entries
    • It produces green forms at a click of a button
    • It produces expedition summary reports with supervisor and assessor details, route information, supervision plan, participant details.
    • The system emails reports automatically to supervisors, leaders and others.
  • It automatically produces management information about participants, leaders and expeditions in the form of charts and tables.
  • It manages Dofe Route information including route notes, supervision plan, sunrise sunset time, gpx upload files, map and route card upload file.
  • It presents location of routes in a map format
  • All reports are easily searchable and can be filtered
  • Forms and reports can be published to the web allowing participants and leaders who aren’t users to input data or interact with calendars etc.
  • It manages monitoring information about expeditions and produces monitoring reports.
  • It manages accident information and produces accident reports. 
  • It manages information on non-Dofe participant events too; e.g. national navigation award, hillwalking, bushcraft, leader training.

Here are some of the key reports it produces (note that all data in theses reports and in the screen shots is made up):

Visit the zoho marketplace to buy the application. Price is just $10 dollars a month per organisation.

Set-up instructions are available here. The user guide is available here. Policies relating to Exped Manager are available below:

Exped Manager screenshots:

Stats dashboard

All Contacts Form

Dofe Leaders Report

Dofe Participant Report

Quick Input Dofe Participant Form

Name of Group Report

Activity Report - Name of Group

event calendar

Green Form AGreen Form BExped Summary Report

Dofe Event List

Route Map Report

Route Report

Monitoring reportAccident ReportAAP Report



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