Expedition Supervision and Assessment

Aspen Outdoors Ltd provides expedition and assessment services.

Prices for Expedition Supervision and Assessment

Prices are based on an entire expedition group of 4 to 7 participants. Same price for practice or qualifying expedition. One instructor will be provided per expedition group.  

  • 2 day Bronze expedition – £340 for one expedition group (ex VAT)
  • 3 day silver expedition – £510 for one group (ex VAT)
  • 4 day gold expedition – £680 for one expedition group (ex VAT)

Planning your Expedition Programme

In planning your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Programme consider the following things:

  • Do you want us to incorporate separate expedition training or route planning sessions as part of the expedition programme?
  • Would you like us to incorporate the National Navigation Award into the exped programme?
  • Would you like us to incorporate first aid training into the programme?
  • Do you need minibus transport?
  • Do you want us to book campsites?
  • Do you want us to recommend a route for you, with maps and routecards?
  • Do you need any equipment? (we have rucksack covers and liners, map cases, tents and stoves, compasses)
  • Do you want help with the paperwork and permissions; e.g. green forms, contacting landowners?

We can help with all of the above. Additional fees may apply. Please contact us and we can help you with all of your expediton needs. For more information on preparing for an expedition with Aspen Outdoors Ltd see our Award Centre Checklist.

Alastair Ewen 07427326697; alastair@aspenoutdoors.co.uk
Jen Brooke 07503274220; jen@aspenoutdoors.co.uk