Training and Expedition Packages

Aspen Outdoors Ltd provide training and expedition packages at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Our approach to safety and to ensuring young people have a high quality experience is to provide a comprehensive training programme.

We use an exciting range of expedition areas that are fun and challenging.

All packages include:

  • Training pack for participants (including kit list, training syllabus, information for parents)
  • Parents evening / induction meeting
  • Edofe support to upload evidence
  • Risk assessments, supervision plans and green forms
  • Outdoor and classroom based training prior to the practice Expedition
  • Practice expedition
  • Qualifying Expedition
  • Expedition assessment
  • Expedition liaison / base contact
  • Post expedition support to prepare the expedition presentation

At the Bronze level the training programme comprises of three 4 hour outdoor training sessions and six  2 hour classroom sessions. We cover navigation games, orienteering, working as a team, assessing risk, the countryside code, campcraft, first aid, map reading, compass work, clothing and equipment, emergency procedures, cooking on a stove, writing route cards and expedition aim.

At silver and gold levels the training comprises of six 2 hour classroom sessions and a 7 hour outdoor training session prior to the practice Expedition. The training programme for direct entrants will involve more outdoor training.

Aspen Outdoor Ltd offer some innovative alternatives to traditional trekking expeditions; for example, hammock camping expeditions and woodland explorations where participants develop a richer understanding of woodland habitats and practice bushcraft skills.

Aspen Outdoors Ltd also offer training packages for young people with additional support needs.

For more information contact us on 0742732697.