Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for Aspen Outdoors Ltd events.

  1. Participants must disclose information on any relevant medical condition or treatment that may have a bearing on their ability to take part.
  2. Participants must provide information to Aspen Outdoors Ltd on their skills and experience in the activity (winter hillwalking, summer hillwalking, multi-day treks, bushcraft activities) to help determine their competence and suitability for the activity.
  3. Participants must read the information about the activity with particular attention to the grade / difficulty of the hike, the length of day, the distance to be covered and the height gained.
  4. The objectives of the event; for example, the ascent of one or more peaks, are not guaranteed being subject to weather conditions, snow conditions and the capability and competence of participants in the group.
  5. The objectives of the event may be modified or abandoned subject weather and snow conditions and the capability and competence of the  participants in the group.
  6. The event may be postponed or cancelled subject to adverse weather and it snow conditions. Should this happen the company shall either provide a full refund or rearrange the event.
  7. Participants must consult the equipment list provided by the company and follow other instructions provided to them before the activity to ensure that the are appropriately prepared for the activity.
  8. During the activity the participants must follow the instructions of instructors to ensure their safety.
  9. Within one week of booking participants must pay a deposit equal to 20% of the total sum. The balance must be paid four weeks before the event takes place.
  10. If the customer cancels within four weeks of the event is due to take place, the customer shall not be eligible for a refund.